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Why would she establish a housekeeping business? The answer is very simple everyone has different types preferences.Personally I'm an extremely open-minded person .I am married however,I find it very attractive that in our  modern day a woman can get hired to thoroughly and with lots of class clean a Home in a sexy bra & underwear as a form of entertainment to the customer while completing the "thing different between her and our uniformed housekeeper is that she has on lingerie & well.. the other a uniform.

⏩⏩Classy Uniformed Maids is my wonderful addition which completes "everything under the sun"(my phrase" while lingerie maids may sound sexy and tempting.. Classy Uniformed Maids is able to contract with industrial, residential/commercial customers, meanwhile CLM is stricktly residential. We are a new residential/comersial company  established by Tereza Perez a 36 year old married &''mother of 5 children. I  am proud to say that I'm honored to  to operate and manages what seems to be two companies rolled up into one. We are currently providing our services in the county of San Diego surrounding areas and hope to be expanding to San Bernardino which is where I originally live should you ever know someone or you yourself need your home cleaned Tanner to your wishes please reach out to me and I'll be more than happy to give you a quote.Lastly, we are currently working on our website.


Phone: 9095439492