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8871 White Sage Loop
Company Summary:

Here at CloudNine our number one goal is to provide the residents of Sarasota & Manatee counties with more free time to spend with their loved ones.

Our Happiness Guarantee ensures you'll feel on "CloudNine" after we've cleaned your place. If you wouldn't recommend us to a friend or family member we'll refund your money period.
You want your home cleaned but not at the expense of your health! That's why when your home is cleaned by CloudNine, zero chemicals are used and is also our way of giving back to our beautiful planet
We approach cleaning from a health standpoint which is why we utilize 100% plant-based biodegradable cleaning products and utilize tools that help us accomplish an overall health-driven service that is beneficial to you and your entire family
Our HEPA vacuuming system utilizes 4 grades of filtration which results in the elimination of dust, pet dander, and 99.9% of allergens in your carpets and floors, purifying the air inside of your home.
And if these steps weren’t enough, we also provide your home with an essential oil aroma therapy session for the duration of our cleaning which will cleanse the air and create a soothing atmosphere in your home
“Alright guys, I must admit you’re pretty darn cool. What’s next?”
We think you’re awesome too :) Time to make your life more worry-free!
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