Want a more organized closet but don’t have a lot of cash? Check out these five closet organizing tips on a budget today!

Having a perfectly organized closet is life-changing.

Not only will you reap the benefits of an organized and clean home, but you’ll also create more time for yourself and have a better sense of control over your surroundings, which results in a healthier mental state.

The good news is, closet organizing doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. You can make small changes that produce big results. If you’re closet needs an overhaul, here are 5 tips on how to organize a closet on a budget.

1. Spring Clean Your Closet

The best way to organize a closet is to start with a little bit of spring cleaning.

You’ll need to take everything out of the space so you can evaluate what you want to keep, what can be donated and what should be thrown away. A great rule of thumb is to donate any lightly-used items that you have not worn within the last 2-3 years. Anything that fits this description but is heavily used, should be tossed.

By taking this step, you’ll be getting rid of extra clutter, creating valuable space and giving back to your community.

2. Invest In Matching Hangers

Using matching hangers is a great way to get that perfectly organized closet aesthetic without breaking the bank. While buying matching hangers can be a bit of an investment, there are nice options that are also affordable.

Tip: fabric hangers are both attractive and functional. You’ll never have to worry about clothes falling off the hanger again.

3. Use The Back Of Your Closet Door

Do you have a small closet? Do you need extra room in your closet? Consider using the back of your closet door! You can use a variety of affordable items to turn the back of your closet door into extra space, including shower hooks, doorknobs, a hanging shoe bag, or adjustable shelf strips.

4. Use Tension Rods To Stack Your Belongings

One of the most budget-friendly closet organization ideas is to use tension rods to make the most of your space

Instead of spending money on an expensive closet organization system, you can achieve a similar and more affordable look by creating small compartments in your closet with tension rods.

Use the tension rods to organize your jewelry and accessories, store your hats, hang your shoes and organize your scarves. You can place the tension rods at various levels to create stacked storage and make the best use of your vertical space.

5. Buy Storage Containers At A Discount Store

One of the best budget-friendly closet organizing tips is to purchase all of your storage solutions and accessories at a discount store.

You may be surprised at the variety of quality storage options and storage accessories you can find at your local dollar store. For items you can’t seem to find, try shopping at a big box store, or a discount online retailer.

Closet Organizing On A Budget: The Bottom Line

By using these tips, you’ll be closet organizing on a budget in no time and creating the beautiful and organized closet of your dreams.