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Contact Information
16117 Grevillea Ave, Lawndale, CA 90260, California, United States
Company Summary:

Do you want peace of mind by sanitizing your home, office, store, restaurant or any other place of work or public space against Covid 19 (Corona Virus)?

We offer the best sanitizing and disinfecting service there is. We use an electrostatic sprayer to cover all surfaces in your premises with an-EPA approved disinfecting agent which kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses within 10 minutes.

***Now offering antimicrobial surface coating for up to 30 days* of protection***

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Call or Text us at 213-283-9456 for a fast free estimate or visit

Why is this better than other services available?

1. Electrostatic sprayers charge the chemical particles electrically so they spread around the objects they land on and don’t just coat the front of the object. Foggers do not do this.

2. We use an environmentally safe disinfecting agent. It is Electrolyzed Water (Hypochlorous Acid). This is on the list of agents found by the EPA to kill viruses including Covid 19. And it is also food-safe and plant and animal friendly and has been used in agriculture and veterinary medicine for years. Many companies use bleach or similar agents which are less effective on viruses and harmful to humans, animals and plants.

How does our service work?

1. Call us and let us know how big your space is and any other important details (such as an active food service, needs to be treated at night, etc). We will be able to quote you a price over the phone. We accept payment by PayPal.

2. It is important that any surfaces which are regularly touched are cleaned of dirt first to ensure that the spraying reaches any viruses on the surface underneath. You can do this yourself before we arrive or we can do this for an additional fee.

3. We will make an appointment for an exact time with you. The spraying process takes less than an hour for most premises. The surfaces must be left untouched for at least 10 minutes after spraying to ensure all viruses are killed.

4. If you need regular treatment on a weekly or daily basis because of the nature of your business we offer a discount for recurring treatments.

5. We provide a window sign to make it clear to your clients that your premises have been sprayed with an EPA-approved treatment against Covid 19.

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Call or Text us at 213-283-9456 for a fast free estimate or visit