Your boss asks for the latest report. No problem! You filled it out earlier but, where is it? You swore you put it right on your desk!

She’s waiting; where is that report!?

You glance under a small pile of candy wrappers- there it is! Covered in bits of chocolate and… something else? Oh, and there are the notes from last weeks meeting!

A messy desk is not the way to get promoted or a way to keep stress down. Get your space organized, stay organized, and see a difference in your productivity.

But where do you start? Cleaning your desk is a great first step toward building a better work environment. We’ve got the 9 best desk organization tips you need to get started on your journey.

1. Goodbye Garbage!

What do you need to keep? What can go?

Start your desk organization journey with a thoughtful purge of your desk. You don’t need the nametag you got at the meet and greet 5 years ago.

Consider what you need to have on or in your desk. If you have digital files, perhaps you can recycle the physical ones. Maybe you don’t need the collection of coffee cups you have on your desk (but maybe you do).

2. Clean Up, Clean Up!

Now that you’ve removed all the clutter from your desk. Get a good cleaning in!

Use your favorite cleaning products and get all the nooks and crannies. Spend a good amount of time during the cleaning process here to help yourself out in the future. Don’t forget your phone, computer mouse, and keyboard (especially if you like to eat lunch at your desk).

3. Make A Plan

Now that you’ve figured out what you need and don’t need, you can determine how to set up your space. If you have certain supplies you use more, keep them close. Stuff you rarely use can go in drawers or closet space.

Try to keep as much off of the surface of your desk as you can. Pick a few essentials and consider where may be the best place to put papers vs. paperclips.

4. Desk Organization Systems

You may want to pick up a desk organizer for the top of or inside your desk.

If you’re dealing with a lot of papers, a paper tray can go a long way. A filing system inside the desk could also be super beneficial.

5. Everything Has a Place

You’ve got your area clean and the desk organizers ready to go. Set up your system, but don’t get too attached.

Over time (in your new and organized life!) you’ll figure out the best place for all of your stuff. Be flexible and open-minded, and in time you’ll have the perfect set up.

6. Keep Limited Things on Your Desktop

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: don’t put a lot on your desktop.

Less clutter looks more professional. Pick a few things to keep on your desk and at the end of every weekday, but everything else away.

7. Create a Filing System

Never hesitate again when your boss asks for the latest report. Create a filing system that makes sense to you.

A good way to create an efficient filing system starts with folders and labels. Want to label the folders by date? Great. Do what works best for you.

The point here is that if you are asked to get something you know exactly where this is.

8. Don’t Eat at Your Desk

We get it, sometimes you have to. If you can help it, don’t eat at your desk.

Many offices have separate spaces for food and storage for kitchen items. If you’re lucky enough to not have an office lunch thief, store (and eat) your food in the communal area! You won’t have to clean as much.

9. Keep It Clean!

You’ve purged, you’ve cleaned, you’ve organized.

Now, keep it this way!

This is the hardest part to put into action, but you can do it! Once or twice a week just wipe down the surfaces and put things in their place.

Clear that Clutter!

Impress your boss with your newfound organization. Want to bring the cleaning home with you? We’ve got you covered there too. can help you find not only efficient cleaning experts, but the advice you need to get started on any cleaning and organization project.