Are you a clean freak? Do you prefer using more natural and high-quality cleaning products? If so, then you know the struggle of driving to the store and searching for high-quality cleaning supplies for your home because you ran out of the ones you already have.

Lucky for you, we live in a world where you can order cleaning supplies online and pay a cleaning service company to help get your place in order.

To make life a little easier on you, we are going to provide you with a list of the best places to buy cleaning supplies.

Go ahead and get your Swiffer out, because you are going to have all your favorite natural cleaning supplies at your doorstep in no time!

Best Places to Buy Cleaning Supplies Online

1. Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is known to have cleaning supplies online that are not only high-quality but also all natural. This means that these products do not have toxic chemicals in them that could be harmful to your health. Some of the popular natural cleaning products provided by Grove Collaborative include Alba Botanica, Mrs. Meyers, and Caldrea.

Through Grove Collaborative you can create your own custom monthly subscription. The minimum amount that you can pay for a recurring shipment is $10 a month. You also have the option of becoming a VIP member, which allows you to have free shipping on all orders, four free gifts per year, and exclusive access to sales.

2. Brandless

Brandless is a home items online store that provides such a consistent, high-quality line of products, that they do not display the brands of items to their customers. By doing this Brandless is able to make their items more accessible to the common man since they bring their products down to a starting price of $3. Although not having the brands of cleaning items displayed might make you nervous, there is no need to be because this company makes a conscious effort to provide all non-toxic, EPA Safer Choice Certified cleaning supplies.

Brandless offers its customers monthly, customizable subscription boxes. Brandless also offers its customers the choice of becoming an annual member for $36 a year. If you become an annual member, you will never have to pay for shipping again.

3. Branch Basics

Three women created Branch Basics so everyone could use natural cleaning products. The brand’s most popular item is the Concentrate Starter Kit.

The Concentrate Starter Kit includes a preservative-free biodegradable and plant-based concentrate. Many people use this concentrate in the replacement of hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, bathroom cleaner, and glass cleaner.   

4. Boxed 

Boxed allows you to buy high-quality cleaning supplies online in bulk. Your boxed orders usually arrive in the mail within 2 business days. If you pay more than $49 without an annual membership fee, your shipping will be free.

Boxed’s in-house line, Prince and Spring, sells all natural cleaning supplies online, along with other high-quality home goods, at an affordable cost.

5. The Honest Company

The Honest Company offers high-quality all natural cleaning supplies online for kids and babies. With more than 65 cleaning items to choose from, The Honest Company offers all customers Cleaning Essential Bundles that you can choose five cleaning products to be in. The Honest Company also gives its customers the luxury of choosing what day the company is to deliver their products on.

 6. Amazon

Amazon now has in-house brands, many of which offer cleaning supplies online. In fact, Amazon has a line specifically for household items called Solimo. You can buy Solimo cleaning products through Amazon Prime Pantry.

Amazon Prime Pantry is an area on that you can buy household and cleaning supplies online that you would find in your pantry, at an affordable cost. Not every Amazon Prime member has an account with Amazon Prime Pantry.

 7. Walmart

On Walmart’s website, you can order the best cleaning supplies online in the world at extremely affordable costs. In fact, to many, Walmart is and will always be the best place to buy cleaning supplies. Make sure to take advantage of Walmart’s many sales and deals while shopping there.

 8. FreshDirect

This place allows you to buy fresh food and new and affordable household items. These household items include everything from paper towels to laundry detergent.

 9. Squix

Squix is a subscription cleaning supplies box filled with cleaning supplies. Out of 75 items, you will choose 3 full sized cleaning products to be in your box each month. When you subscribe to Squix, you will also receive a free gift.

9. Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell’s The Clean Team

The ORIGINAL Speed Cleaning Brand of house cleaning supplies is available exclusively online from The Clean Team. Cut housecleaning time in half with Jeff Campbell’s best-seller Speed Cleaning (book available online).  It features cleaning methods and the safest and most effective cleaning supplies and cleaning products available.

You Have All Your Cleaning Supplies, Now What?

With the list of the best places to buy cleaning supplies that we just provided you, you will never run out of cleaning supplies again. This is especially true since these places sell cleaning supplies online, making it extremely convenient for you to purchase and receive them.

If cleaning is not your forte and you are looking for someone who can effectively utilize the cleaning products you purchased, then you should look into receiving cleaning services from a local professional.