Hardwood floors are a perennial favorite with homeowners for many incredible reasons. These floors are durable, give a warm and comfortable feel under the feet, and can be refinished again and again to restore their functionality and beauty. Check out this article to find out what to know prior to refinishing your hardwood floors.

If you’re contemplating installing hardwood floors in your home, you need to know how to clean them as part of your normal house-cleaning routine. Keeping your home clean is essential to maintaining the aesthetics of your home, but also provides surprising health benefits.

Follow this guide on cleaning hardwood floors to help achieve professional cleaning results.

Dust Mopping

Accumulated dust may seem like a mere cosmetic issue, but they could ruin your wood floor finish if left unattended.

Dust particles and other loose debris may rub against the surface of your floors and form scratches as you move around the house. Over time, this can cause damage to your floor’s beautiful finish.

You can use a clean dust mop or a microfiber sweeper to remove the dust from your floors. Alternatively, you can vacuum your floors, but you’ll have to replace any rotating attachments that may damage your floors with a soft-bristled brush attachment that runs along the floors.

How often you need to dust mop your wood floors will depend on the amount of traffic in your home. If you have kids and pets, you may need to remove dust from your home more often than your neighbor who lives solo.

Deep Cleaning

Dust mopping only helps reduce the amount of dust that settles on your floors. It may not be effective at removing the stubborn dirt and grime that tends to accumulate on wood floors over time.

Periodic deep cleaning of your floors is a superb way to complement your regular dust mopping routine. For best cleaning results, you need to pick the best wood cleaner available in the market.

Though water is a universal cleaning solvent, you shouldn’t use it for cleaning hardwood floors. This is because it can seep into the wood and damage it.

Cleaning Spills

If you have small kids or playful pets in your household, it is likely your hardwood floors are going to see their share of spilled liquids.

If you leave spills unattended for a long time, they can easily penetrate your finished floors and turn into unsightly, hard-to-remove stains.

The best way to deal with liquid spills is to clean up the mess right away. Use a clean rag to wipe up the mess, and then use a suitable wood cleaner to remove any stains that may be left behind. Work from the outside edge of the stain toward the center to avoid spreading.

Ensure there is proper ventilation to allow the area to become dry. You can place fans blowing along the surface of your floor to accelerate the drying process.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors Is a Job You Should Take Seriously

Hardwood floors are a high-end flooring option in today’s construction and renovation market. How well you care for your hardwood floors will impact how long they will last.

If you follow the above tips for cleaning hardwood floors, you should be able to keep your floors in tiptop shape for many years to come.