Are you trying to learn how to clean a mirror the right way? If yes, you should check out our guide here on all the steps to take.

Did you know that cleaning the toilet is the most hated chore among Americans?

However, you probably hate cleaning because it takes you a long time and isn’t actually that effective. Have you ever wondered whether you’re doing it wrong?

Cleaning a mirror is probably one of the trickiest things to clean.

After you have cleaned your mirror, do you still leave it with streaks on it? Even when you have scrubbed it for ages, they don’t go away.

You only need this guide on how to clean a mirror to discover everything you need to know to keep your mirror shiny. Let’s go!

1. Remove the Dirt

You can’t deal with the fingerprints until you have removed the real problem.

You don’t want to simply move around the dirt and grime on your mirror. You need to remove the gunk before you can clean it properly.

Pour anti-bacterial liquid on your cleaning cloth. That’s when you can start to scrub away any of the bacteria in the mirror.

Any toothpaste marks or hairspray chunks that have found their way onto the mirror can be removed when you’re scrubbing with the cloth.

2. Spray Your Mirror With Glass Cleaner

There are many different types of glass cleaner. Just make sure it is a vinegar solution for the optimal results.

Avoid spraying more than you need. You simply need a light layer of the cleaner on the surface of the mirror.

The solution shouldn’t be dripping off the mirror. This is usually a sign that you have used too much.

3. Grab a Fresh Cloth

You need a microfiber cloth that soaks up the spray and adds a shine to your mirror’s surface. You need to fold it twice to create a square.

This allows you to have four clean sections of your cloth to wipe your mirror. Now it’s time to wipe down your mirror.

4. Wipe Down Your Mirror

When you wipe down your mirror you need to do it systematically.

That means start at the top-left of the mirror and wipe across to the right-hand side of the mirror. Keep doing this motion until gradually working your way down to the bottom.

5. Look Into Your Mirror

Now you should be able to see yourself clearly for the first time in your mirror.

If you can still spot any streaks, quickly spray your glass cleaner in the area and wipe it away. You may have to do this a few times when you first do it.

You can enjoy looking into your mirror without having to look past the fingerprints and streaks messing up your reflection.

How to Clean a Mirror?

If you’re trying to clean your mirror in the right way, it’s not always easy to eliminate any smudges on the surface of your mirror.

But, if you follow our steps, you can ensure that everything is shiny and clean when you look at your reflection.

Now you know how to clean a mirror.